Friday, 16 May 2014

THE KILLERS - The Corpse is Mine

(I was gone with the gun)

Live life as a pistol
In plain sight of the disappearing moon
Trying to replace your body with mine
Riding the boat instead - along with the dead
But, you were gone.

Left behind tomorrow
Undercover agent for the past
Blind to the present afflicting me
Hoping the future could be good - as it should
But, you were gone.

I didn't mean to
But, it happened anyway
A momentary lapse, you might say
But, blood is too late - so it's my fate
And you're still gone.

Monday, 11 November 2013

LAKSHMI: The Soul of my Being

The Wind begins in the East
Where an Indian beauty weeps for her love
Lost in the wars.

In that lost time remembered
All mischiefs are reminisced
Again and yet once again – with a smile.

Her sighs cannot return her to the past
But, softly, they tickle my ear from far away
And I hope that the sound of her sound
Will become my mood - and my circumstances.

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